About Me

A little something about me.

Mary B. Sheridan, LSCSW

I am a Kansas City based therapist, a licensed clinical social worker (LSCSW), practicing in beautiful Lenexa, Kansas. I was born and raised in Kansas. I completed my Masters in Social Work from the University of Kansas and have an undergraduate degree in Biology/Chemistry. Over the years, I have developed a great interest in the complexities of the human body and how it affects our mental well-being. Utilizing cognitive behavioral techniques, solution-focused techniques, mind-body connection and relaxation, mindfulness training, emotional listening, and along with a score of other techniques, I work diligently to assist my clients in addressing their needs.

In my 36 years of married life with three children and many pets, life has certainly thrown its share of punches which offers additional insight into helping others. I have spent thousands of hours talking with clients from all walks of life, which has provided a healthy overview of the problems people are facing in these contemporary, challenging times. I have worked with various clients such as doctors, nurses, teachers, mothers, fathers, students, and adolescents. Professional issues as well as personal issues have been addressed.

Whether it is emotional distress due to too many life stressors, too much anxiety or worry, overeating, overdoing, overspending, depression due to lack of respect and recognition at work, death of a close family member, pre-natal or post-partum complications, emotional conflict due to separation, relationship challenges, hypersensitivity, loss of job, challenging life transitions, career challenges, parenting challenges, school challenges, or any other issues that are affecting your mental and overall well-being, I am here to offer appropriate tools to assist in lessening the negative effects of these challenges.

My approach towards counseling is to incorporate a well-rounded and eclectic approach to achieve a better well-being for my clients. I listen to the unique needs of each client.

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